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Its a full moon in the sign of Virgo on the 7th March!
Virgo the functional loving, observant, practical, attention to detailed doers! How can we move our dreams into 3D? How can we be of greater service in the world? Can we utilise this energy to pay closer attention to the signs and synchronicities in nature?

Using the crystal alchemy bowls to guide us we’ll be immersing ourselves in 75mins of Guided Meditation, Intention Setting, Gentle Breathwork, Journaling/Sharing (if one feels called) and Sonic Healing using a stunning


The bowls are comprised of
Apophyllite & Aqua Aura gold, (Heart) 🫀
Pink Aura Gold, (Adrenals)
Phenacite Lemon & Aura Gold (Pineal Gland) 👁
Emerald & Platinum (Throat)
Grandmother Pink & Aura Gold (Throat)
Dead Sea Salt , Aqua Aura Gold & Pink Aura Gold (Pineal Gland)
Fire🔥,Earth🌍,Water🌊and Air💨 Koshi Chimes and various other ancient healing instruments to gently attune, guiding us back to our centre in alignment with our true nature of peace.
Divine. Magnificent and Whole.

The Full Moon in Virgo can represent housekeeping, being in service, purification, dotting the T’s and crossing the I’s. Are you in alignment with your resolutions for the new year? Have you cleared your energy field so it that truly represents the new you? Are you finally releasing all that you know doesn’t match up with your future self? Change is available at any given moment but this full moon gives us the extra support/ inspiration to further align with your truth. As usual if working with the moon energy we focus on what is being illuminated for us, enabling us to see things for what they are and as it wanes over the coming weeks, assisting us in releasing toxic habits and/ or things we want to leave behind.

As always I feel called to affirm that in order for you to experience the deep healing that comes from the bowls you neither need to believe in astrology nor be aware of your alignment with nature. 💚

CRYSTAL ALCHEMY SINGING BOWLS are a way to gently but deeply bring the body back into harmony. I use Crystal Tone ® Alchemy Crystal Bowls® made with the highest grade Quartz crystal guaranteed to be over 99.9% pure and blended with precious gemstones, minerals, metals the crystalline matrix structure activates & resonates with the same crystalline structures found in our body and DNA and has the ability to store reproduce amplify harmonise & radiate electromagnetic forces.. These bowls emit photons (life force energy like the sun) that activate light in the body, from this light our consciousness is enhanced and expanded, assisting personal awaking at a DNA level. At the same time it activates the parasympathetic nervous system enabling self healing & repairing of our bodies cells (physical, etheric, Astral, Mental, Spiritual, Cosmic,etc) Along with various other ancient sound healing instruments, we relax into a blissful sonic bath returning us to our centre’s and bringing us back to our natural state of peace.
We are sound beings composed of many tones with everything around us and within us doing the same. Constantly, consciously & unconsciously striving to stay connected to things vibrating on frequencies that match our own or, that we want to duplicate. Sound healing uses specific frequencies and harmonics that heal the body. Our bodies down to our DNA is crystalline in structure which means it responds and resonates with the extraordinary frequencies associated with quartz crystal.  

The aligned “vibe” (vibration) is what we seek.