From the Alchemist to the sleeping apprentice.
The student to the teacher.
The constant pendulum swing.
Electricity &  Magnetism ...
The holding on whilst simultaneously letting go.
The All & the Nothing.
We believe in a holistic approach to life considering all things from the food we eat to the words we speak.
Fascinated by the the healing powers of water/sound/ meditation and how the external can affect the internal and vice versa.
With the understanding that the greatness governing us... is also inside of us.
We aim to operate from a place of love knowing we are one big ecosystem and not separate... at all.
Facilitating healing & balance of community via apparel, Exercise, Run/ Walk Clubs, Retreats & Private/ Group Crystal Alchemy Soundbaths.
The centre is Me.
As a brand we celebrate togetherness in all its forms with each piece lovingly made serving as a reminder to check in with self. Our centres.
The Centre.