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A Crystal Alchemy Soundbath Powered by the Full Moon in Taurus.

The Beautiful, Stubborn, Reliable & incredibly grounded Taurus. How can we use this full moon energy to be firmer with our boundaries and offer ourselves true indulgence via tender self care. How can we actively create more of a stable consistent path for ourselves? As always what needs to end and what needs to begin?

Using a Gorgeous set of crystal Alchemy bowls participants will be guided inward offering a moment of often profound relaxation and connection to self.

CRYSTAL ALCHEMY SINGING BOWLS are a way to gently but deeply bring the body back into harmony. I use Crystal Tone ® Alchemy Crystal Bowls® made with the highest grade Quartz crystal guaranteed to be over 99.9% pure and blended with precious gemstones, minerals, metals the crystalline matrix structure activates & resonates with the same crystalline structures found in our body and DNA and has the ability to store reproduce amplify harmonise & radiate electromagnetic forces.. These bowls emit photons (life force energy like the sun) that activate light in the body, from this light our consciousness is enhanced and expanded, assisting personal awaking at a DNA level. At the same time it activates the parasympathetic nervous system enabling self healing & repairing of our bodies cells (physical, etheric, Astral, Mental, Spiritual, Cosmic,etc) Along with various other ancient sound healing instruments, we relax into a blissful sonic bath returning us to our centre’s and bringing us back to our natural state of peace.
We are sound beings composed of many tones with everything around us and within us doing the same. Constantly, consciously & unconsciously striving to stay connected to things vibrating on frequencies that match our own or, that we want to duplicate. Sound healing uses specific frequencies and harmonics that heal the body. Our bodies down to our DNA is crystalline in structure which means it responds and resonates with the extraordinary frequencies associated with quartz crystal.  

The aligned “vibe” (vibration) is what we seek.