Spring Equinox Soundbath

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Winter has been long. Mostly because it’s been dark. We’ve craved the light because it’s what we need … vitamin D synthesis, regulation of our circadian rhythm, mood enhancing … all of these things and more are what keep us excited for the possibility of spring.

We are nature.

To welcome in the warmer & longer days. The beginning of the new astrological year and the end of Pisces season. We turn inward (to celebrate 🧚🏾‍♀️✨)

It’s a known fact that regular meditation can sharpen the pineal gland- the third eye - the Ajna 👁️ as that is what helps us to maximise our “inner sight” and with the element of sound (in this case the crystal alchemy bowls and other ancient instruments) The body can be tuned to a frequency that is in alignment with our true selves and nature.

Deep peace and inner knowing.

Join us for a gorgeous soundbath and guided meditation Thursday as we embrace the radiant & abundant splendor of this special season ahead.