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The first in the series of our Vibrational Visionary Workshops.
We are all guilty of setting resolutions that we either forgot we made or remember too well but do NOT implement or commit to!

On the 11th of January, under the first New Moon of the year in the reliable and responsible sign of Capricorn, we invite you to join us in using this celestial event as an opportunity for structure, stepping into our most aligned selves.
During this workshop, we'll explore where our energy feels most expansive and where it needs to be called back. It's a proven fact that communal support enhances our productivity, driven by motivations such as pride, ego, or the love of partnership and championing one another. Together, we truly are better. So invite your accountability partner and prepare to embody your greatest future self.
By joining us in this space we are consciously entering into a new and exciting timeline.
Our Vibrational Visionary Workshop will assist us in kickstarting the year.
Whether you’ve fully identified your vision or you need space to get clear.
This will be a special one as not only will we tune in and immerse ourselves into the pure tones of the Crystal Alchemy Bowls we will also hold divine space for our commitments to ourselves for 2024.
We’ll be exploring theme’s for the year finding what resonate’s not only individually but collectively and developing clear sight on our vision for the last quarter of the celestial calendar or first of the Gregorian.
There will be space for Tea and Commune but also Journaling and Sacred Card guidance.
Spaces are limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note that booking for the event will close a week before to ensure that you are all catered for.

We are SOOOO very excited to facilitate this & look forward to 👁ing and holding space for & with you!!